John F Kennedy

Success has a thousand authors, but failure is an orphan. ~ John F Kennedy

Ken Blanchard

When you stop learning, you stop leading. ~ Ken Blanchard

Jagdish Sheth

In a world of online ordering, what matters most is the readiness of the supply chain to fulfill orders. This is the core competence of Amazon, most airlines and logistics companies such as UPS and FedEx. ~ Jagdish Sheth

Jagdish Sheth

The idea is to focus on all aspects of the supply chain and integrate it seamlessly with business analytics. Big data plays a big role in Supply Chain Management science today. ~ Jagdish Sheth

Harish Bijoor

Supply Chain Management is the backbone of cutting, bleeding, business strategy today. ~ Harish Bijoor

Pawan Jain

However, supply chains and operations too, need to be more global in their outlook if Indian companies are looking at becoming global brands. ~ Pawan Jain

Jagdish Sheth

What companies need to understand is you can neither manufacture nor buy a brand - you must earn it. ~ Jagdish Sheth